22/ott/2015 Aggiornato il: 02/nov/2015

I adhered at once to the idea.

Indeed, even if I have never had the opportunity to travel the route in full in one breath, I know only too much the magic of all the sites crossed to have used the soles of my skis, my sneakers or the tires of my MOUNTAIN BIKE there since my youngest childhood.

I have never handed a number in skiing event since I handle the team of world cup of biathlon but I believe that I am going to find in the participation in this event a new source of motivation and pleasure.

Closer to my current personal aspiration than the pure competition, I think that this event will get closer many of the spirit and the atmosphere of trails and of him(her,it) ultra endurance which are so much fashionable at present. All this in a wintry and Scandinavian atmosphere for the biggest happiness of the aficionados of the fine slats.