Oct 22, 2015 Updated on: Nov 2, 2015

A few days after his victory obtained together with Xavier Thevenard on the GTJ 200 2015

This small e-mail to thank you very sincerely and warmly for having offered us this very beautiful moment of skis and sharing.

The organization of such an event is very very complicated, on the other hand it does not feel the effects on the ground, everything takes place in the simplicity, in the great atmosphere, the user-friendliness(conviviality), the meal of Friday evening, the common accommodation(hosting), etc. the pip(top).

Each has the own objectives, each lives his adventure, it is a beautiful family of the ski long distance and of lover of Jura who is there.

The felt feelings cannot be translated by words. The coombs of Jura at the 25km / hour. Take the risk of putting out the frontal to take advantage of the full moon, to commune With the nature, with the sensation of the free-running skis in tracks, we are 2, we make only one.

No exchanged word, no need, we feel, we live the same thing. We are enthusiasts, we like(love) swore him(it), this crossing, this challenge, this human adventure.

Picture(Board) offered in reward(award) translates well all it. Emotion and gratitude for everybody. Emotion shared with our follower who is much more. He followed me in 16ans in the sport study at the high school, he followed Xavier in Lep at the same age but 19ans later. 30ans after we find ourselves.
We are together, each in the thoughts, no word, no need, a kiss, an embrace, everything is made, everything is said.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.