Oct 21, 2015 Updated on: Jun 15, 2017

Progress GTJ200

In your lanterns and bansards of Tamiset in the Nest of the mad
So that never they go out
Of kiss let us blow on embers so that they resume(take back)


Progress of the test(event)

11.00 AM

Put back by numbers to the gymnasium of Giron

Come get your number before the Prologue at 3:00 pm

From 11:00 am

03.00 PM

Prologue of 14 km from Giron

Departure every 15s by team of 2 (departure and arrival to 2). The time of the prologue will be added to that of the GTJ 186 to establish a final general classification. At your bansards!

From 03:00 pm

06.30 PM

Meals for all teams in the Gymnasium of Giron

Display of the results of the prologue

From 06:30 pm to 07h30 pm

07.30 PM

Briefing GTJ 186in the Gymnasium

We prepare tomorrow !

From 07:30 pm to 08:00 pm

04.00 AM

On-line departure at 4:00 am

From Giron (Ain 01) to Meix Lagor (Montlebon - 25) on a distance of 186km and a vertical drop of 4400 D+. Thoroughly all the length!

4:00 am precise time

In the center of Metabief station

Animations and interviews "The lap of honor of the runners". In the microphone with Sylvain !

From 12:00 am

03.00 PM

Finish of the GTJ 200 at the Meix Lagor

GT to the arrival !

From 03:00 pm

10.00 PM

Price giving and podiums 2016

See you next year !

10:00 pm

Ceci est mon programme